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In addition to our core advocacy work, ELC receives funding to support several specific initiatives:

New York Advocacy

ELC is working in New York to advance the legal rights of all schoolchildren in the state to a sound basic and quality education under state and federal law. ELC advocates for prompt implementation of adequate and equitable school funding to comply with New York’s constitutional mandate and researches other key issues affecting educational opportunity. For more information on ELC's work in New York, visit the following link.


Great Schools of New Jersey

Great Schools of NJ (GSNJ) is a non-profit, voluntary association of high need school districts for which ELC provides policy, research and technical assistance. ELC supports GSNJ through information sharing, trainings, data and policy analysis, and other professional services. Issue areas include school funding, education reform, preschool, school facilities improvements, and other topics as needed and as requested by GSNJ and its member districts. ELC prepares and participates in regular meetings of GSNJ member district superintendents and facilitates interaction between the organization and education advocates. For more information, please contact Sharon Krengel, ELC Policy and Outreach Director.


New Jersey Special Education Practitioners

ELC is the founder and leading member of the New Jersey Special Education Practitioners (NJSEP) coalition, an association of over 100 attorneys and other advocates in private law firms and public interest advocacy organizations who represent students with disabilities in special education matters. NJSEP hosts a listserv, meets regularly to discuss issues of importance to the practice of special education law and frequently hosts speakers and training sessions of interest to members. A significant component of the work involves advocacy on key special education matters, such as the recent successful effort to secure legislation to place the "burden of proof" in special education administrative hearings on school districts. Advocates interested in joining NJSEP should contact Rita Masino at the law firm of White & Case.


Our Children/Our Schools

Our Children/Our Schools (OC/OS) is a statewide network of education, children’s rights and civil rights advocates and organizations throughout New Jersey. OC/OS members work together to support a vision of public education that is child-centered and provides all students with excellent and equitable opportunities to learn. ELC serves as an information source for participant groups and as a facilitator of communications, capacity building and advocacy campaigns. ELC also facilitates the spread of information beyond OC/OS to decision-makers, non-member organizations and advocates, and the press.


Secondary Reform Project

The Secondary Reform Project was established by ELC to monitor and support implementation of effective middle and high school reform in New Jersey’s urban districts and to engage a broad group of stakeholders, policymakers and the public in efforts to reduce dropout rates, increase graduation and college participation rates and narrow gaps in educational achievement and opportunity. For more information, please contact Stan Karp, ELC Director of Secondary Reform Initiatives.