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Section #3

Resolution supporting the preparation of a comprehensive Long Range Facilities Plan for the __________School District by the __________Municipal Council

Whereas the __________ School Board is required by the state to prepare a five year Long Range Facilities Plan by October 2005 and,

Whereas such plan will describe the kinds of facilities and educational services necessary to insure a thorough and efficient education for each child in ______

Whereas the Long Range Facilities Planning process is also an opportunity to insure that the planning and development of new and renovated educational facilities is coordinated with and supported by neighborhood and municipality wide planning and,

Whereas such coordination is best achieved with the active participation of the municipal council, planning board and other municipal entities, as well as community and citizen participation

Now therefore be it resolved that the Council of ______ supports the Long Range Facilities Planning process being undertaken by the _____School Board and pledges its material and human support for this effort in the recognition that a comprehensive Long Range Facilities Plan will further the beneficial development of _____________and help implement the _____ Master Plan.

Copies of this resolution shall be distributed to the Planning Board, Mayor, Economic Development office and School Board