Next year, Education Law Center will celebrate 50 years of innovative advocacy to protect and strengthen the constitutional right of the nation’s school children to public education.

ELC is recognized for many ground-breaking successes over the decades in the courtroom and in the statehouse. Our cutting-edge work is driven by the relentless pursuit of education justice and equity to ensure all students receive a high quality public education that prepares them to participate as citizens in a democratic society and as valued contributors to vibrant communities and a robust economy.

As we approach 50 years of credible and sustained advocacy, ELC is excited to announce a series of events to lift up past accomplishments, highlight current work, and share our vision for meeting the growing threat to public education as the bulwark of our democracy.

Below is our upcoming event lineup. Please save the dates on your calendar and join us as we move into a landmark year in ELC’s history:

Post Carson v. Makin: What’s Next? Thursday, October 6, 3-4 p.m. ET; co-sponsored by Public Funds Public Schools

  • This webinar will focus on the national implications of the Supreme Court’s recent decision in Carson v. Makin—expanding the reach of religion into Maine’s public school system. The event features Maine Attorney General Aaron Frey and a panel discussion moderated by PFPS Director Jessica Levin.

Pennsylvania School Funding on Trial: View from the Trenches. Thursday, November 3, 3-4:30 p.m. ET; co-sponsored by Public Interest Law Center and Education Law Center Pennsylvania

  • Katrina Robson, Dan Urevick-Ackelsberg, and Maura McInerny, the lead lawyers in the recently concluded trial in William Penn School District v. Pennsylvania Department of Education, join ELC Executive Director David Sciarra for an in-depth conversation on trial strategy, lessons learned and next steps. This invitation-only webinar is part of ELC’s Litigators’ Workshop series of ongoing convenings for lawyers representing plaintiffs in school finance and other equity lawsuits across the county.

Money Matters: Evidence Supporting Greater Investment in PK-12 Public Education. Thursday, November 30, 3-5:00 p.m. ET; co-sponsored by ETS and the Learning Policy Institute (LPI)

  • Dr. Linda Darling-Hammond (LPI) will be joined by Dr. Rucker Johnson (University of California, Berkeley) and Dr. Jesse Rothstein (University of California, Berkeley) to discuss the latest research on the benefits of increased education spending for improving student achievement. ETS President Amit Sevak will offer a welcome, and David Sciarra will moderate the discussion. This session offers policymakers, stakeholders and advocates clear and tangible evidence to successfully argue for greater investments in their public schools.

Litigating Against Private School Vouchers. Early 2023; co-sponsored by Public Funds Public Schools

  • This webinar, presented by ELC and PFPS, will focus on private school voucher legislation and lawsuits challenging voucher programs and other diversions of public funds to private education.

50th Anniversary Celebration. May 4, 2023

  • ELC will formally celebrate our 50th anniversary with an in-person gathering in Spring 2023. Stay tuned for additional information on this must-attend event!

For more information on these events, contact Sharon Krengel, ELC Director of Policy, Strategic Partnerships and Communications.

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Press Contact:

Sharon Krengel
Director of Policy, Strategic Partnerships and Communications
973-624-1815, x 240


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Press Contact:
Sharon Krengel
Director of Policy, Strategic Partnerships and Communications
973-624-1815, x240