Interactive Tools


Florida's Voucher Proposal (HB1)

View current and estimated number of students and costs for vouchers by district. 

Wisconsin's Special Education Funding Crunch

Wisconsin School District's Unfunded Special Education Costs

View the impact of the underfunding of special education on Wisconsin school districts.

How Long Must Illinois Students Wait for Fully Funded Schools?

Full Funding of the Evidence-Based Funding for Student Success Act

View the impact of Illinois' underfunding at the state, legislative district, and school district level.

Nevada's New Formula is an Opportunity Not to be Lost

Estimate the Impact of Increased Funding in Nevada's School Districts

Explore funding scenarios to increase resources for Nevada's low-income and English Learner students.

New York's Pandemic Adjustment: Depriving Resources to Students Impacted by COVID-19

New York School District Resource Needs and State Aid Cuts

View New York district-level student need and state aid cuts as of April 2020.

Starting from the Bottom: First Steps to Improve School Funding in Arizona

Estimate the Impact of Increased Funding in Arizona's School Districts

View estimated funding levels by district using a higher base cost and an opportunity weight for students in poverty. Use interactive tools to allocate new district funds to salary increases, hiring teachers, or hiring counselors.

Invest in Georgia Teachers: The Need to Attract and Retain a High-Quality Workforce

Teacher Profiles by District

View teacher experience, certification, salary and turnover data for each district in Georgia.

District Comparisons of Teacher Characteristics

View a sortable list of teacher characteristics (percent new, alternative certifications, turnover and average salary) by district. 

Funding Opportunity: Replacing Georgia's Early Intervention and Remedial Programs with Funding for Low-Income Students

District-Level Fact Sheet

View demographics; Early Intervention and Remedial Intervention Program participation rates compared to proficiency rates; and estimated QBE earnings using an opportunity weight.

Opportunity Weight Calculator

Simulate the impact of an opportunity weight at the state and district level.

District Early Intervention and Remedial Education Participation and Proficiency Rates

View a sortable list of district early intervention and remedial education participation rates and non-proficiency on Georgia's Milestone assessments. 

Simulated QBE Earnings by District

View a sortable list of district QBE earnings under simulated opportunity weights.

More Funding Needed to Fix Tennessee Staffing Shortages

Tennessee District Staffing, Funded and Actual

View Tennessee district staffing levels based on state funding formula (BEP) allocations and actual staffing. District-level graphics also display district student demographics.