60 Park Place, Suite 300
Newark, NJ 07102

For driving directions, please use Google Maps. There is an underground parking garage directly across from our building.

The office is within walking distance of both the Broad Street and Newark Penn train stations. Please visit the New Jersey Transit website for schedule information.

For press and media inquiries, please contact Sharon Krengel, ELC’s Director of Policy, Strategic Partnerships and Communications, at extension 240.

If you are seeking legal assistance, here are some things you should know before contacting us:

  • Due to limited capacity, we can provide legal representation to only a small number of callers. However, we attempt to help all who contact us by providing information and referrals through our intake system.
  • You may contact our intake system by calling 973-624-1815, ex. 300. You will be asked to leave your name and a call-back number in our voicemail system. With rare exceptions, our Intake Coordinator will get back to you within two to four days. The Coordinator will ask you a series of questions and will share your answers with one of the staff attorneys, who will review them, seek follow-up information if necessary, and provide you with advice and referrals in writing.