The Education Law Center has posted profiles of each of the 31 Abbott school districts. The profiles contain information on 65 separate “indicators” or data elements about the community, the school children, the teachers and the schools. These indicators – including poverty and crime rates, K-12 and preschool student enrollment, test scores and graduation rates – can be found in the Abbott District Profiles section of our web site. Information for each district is compared to all Abbott districts and the state average.

The web profiles and the data contained in them are part of ELC’s “Abbott Indicators Project” the aim of which is to inform and engage stakeholders at the local and state levels about the status of urban school reform in New Jersey and student outcomes to date.

The comprehensive web profiles contain over 200 indicators that have been compiled at the Education Law Center over the past 3 years – some of the information dates back as far as the 1994-95 school year. The Abbott Indicators Project team and its community partners have used the information to publish reports and make presentations throughout the state. ELC shares data and provides advocacy support to its project partners in Camden, Newark, Trenton, Union City, Irvington, Paterson, Jersey City, and Asbury Park. In the next few months, ELC will unveil a streamlined data management system that will allow other individuals and organizations to generate ad hoc Abbott Indicators reports about their school or school district.

For more information about the web profiles, contact Al Passarella at apassarella@edlawcenter.org or (973) 624-1815, x24.

For more information about the project, contact Lesley Hirsch at lhirsch@edlawcenter.org or (973) 624-1815, x15.

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