Assembly Education Committee Chair Craig Stanley is urging NJ Education Commissioner William Librera to reconvene the Abbott Rulemaking Committee before adopting Abbott rules for the 2004-05 school year.

In a letter sent to Commissioner Librera last week, Assemblyman Stanley complained that the rules adopted by the Commissioner in May “removed and/or altered the key provisions” previously developed by the Rulemaking Committee “to ensure compliance with the Abbott supplemental programs mandate.” Since the May regulations expired on June 30th, Assemblyman Stanley requested that the Commissioner reconvene the Committee to “ensure the development of a strong regulatory framework that complies with the Abbott rulings and orders, and has the support of essential stakeholders.”

The Commissioner suddenly adopted the May regulations — which were written in secret by the Department of Education — without any input from district officials, teachers, parents and other key stakeholders. Education Law Center, Assemblyman Stanley and others are calling on Commissioner Librera to stop the practice of issuing rules by “executive emergency fiat,” and instead adhere to the requirements for public notice and comment set forth in the NJ Administrative Procedures Act.

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