Listen to a series of podcasts about the legacy and lasting national impact of the Abbott v. Burke litigation produced by LEGAL ONE. All episodes feature ELC’s Executive Director, David Sciarra, Esq., in conversation with invited experts.


  • The Equity Divide Pre-Abbott and the Early Days of the Fight for Equity (Paul Tractenberg, Esq., Founder of the Education Law Center and Professor Emeritus, Rutgers Law School)
  • Abbott II: A New Direction (Larry Lustberg, Esq., Co-Director, Gibbons Fellowship in Public Interest & Constitutional Law, Gibbons Law Firm)
  • Abbott IV: Embracing Substantive Education Standards and the Link to Funding (David Aderhold, Ed.D., Superintendent, West Windsor-Plainsboro Regional School District; Anthony Trongone, Superintendent, Millville Public Schools)
  • The Meaning of T&E: Overcoming the Effects of Poverty (Silvia Abbatto, Superintendent, Union City Public Schools)
  • The Meaning of T&E: Focus on PreK (Ellen Frede, Senior Co-Director, National Institute for Early Education Research, Rutgers University)
  • The Meaning of T&E: Focus on School Facilities (Theresa Luhm, Esq., Managing Director, ELC; Steve Morlino, CEFM, LEED AP, School Facilities Management Consultant)
  • The Meaning of T&E: Overcoming Systemic Racism and Lessons Learned from Abbott (Gary Stein, Esq., New Jersey Supreme Court, Special Counsel, Pashman, Stein, Walder, Hayden)
  • The Fight to Overcome the Powerful Forces of Segregation (Elise Boddie, Esq., Founder and Director of the Inclusion Project, Rutgers Law School)
  • Everyone’s Role in the Quest for Equity (Rosie Grant, Executive Director, Paterson Education Fund; Kaleena Berryman, Executive Director, Abbott Leadership Institute)
  • The Legacy and Lasting National Impact of Abbott (Derek Black, Esq., Professor of Law, South Carolina School of Law and author, Schoolhouse Burning: Public Education and the Assault on Democracy)