Newark NJ — June 15, 2010

Supporters of public education have a lot on their plates: the extreme school aid cuts in Governor Christie’s proposed State budget, the Alternative High School Assessment debacle that could cost thousands of high school seniors their diplomas, and the lack of any movement on preschool expansion, to name just a few.

But that hasn’t stopped the groundswell against vouchers. Determined to keep the NJ Legislature from passing the voucher bill proposed by Senators Raymond Lesniak and Tom Kean, Jr., (S1872, “Opportunity Scholarship Act”), individuals, organizations and coalitions are working to educate the public and State Legislators about the depth of opposition to vouchers and the serious challenge they pose to our public schools.

A recently created Facebook page entitled “No Vouchers NJ” is one example. The description reads as follows:

We oppose school vouchers and “tuition tax credits” that would funnel taxpayer dollars away from our public school education system and divert the funding to private and parochial schools. Vouchers violate the NJ Constitution’ church-state separation requirements and would increase the cost of education in our state.

A recent post on No Vouchers NJ links to a Star-Ledger guest op ed by the Rev. Calvin McKinney of Calvary Baptist Church of North Jersey in Garfield. The op ed,New Jersey Should Fund Public Schools, Not Vouchers,” ends with this call to action:

Let’s fund our public schools under the SFRA formula, and leave fads and gimmicks alone. We are waiting for the true representatives of the people, including my fellow clergymen, to champion full accountability at all levels for meaningful and equitable public school reform.

There are some who have not yet heeded Rev. McKinney’s call, but many more have. Add your voice to the rising chorus against vouchers and in support of NJ public schools — join No Vouchers NJ!

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