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Partnership for Equity & Education Rights


  • PEER is a national network of state-focused legal, advocacy and grassroots community organizations currently based in 7 states: IL, NC, VA, MI, OR, NM, and GA.
  • Our partners work on the ground to counter the harmful narrative of “failed public schools” and advance innovative state and local solutions for equity and education rights.
  • PEER is the only national network that connects lawyers, advocates and organizers around a campaign focused on reinvestment in public education. This unique model allows diverse partners to share knowledge, build capacity and develop collaborative strategies across states.
  • The Education Law Center convenes PEER through support from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation.


  • Every child has the right to an excellent public school education in their community.
  • We recognize the significant impact of racism on our society and schools. Racist and oppressive policies have played and continue to play a substantial role in shaping our education systems.
  • Traditional public schools are underfunded and lack the policies, programs and structures that create an environment in which all children have an opportunity to learn, particularly marginalized students.
  • Students of color and young people living in poverty are disproportionally impacted by disinvestment in public education, funding formulas that favor schools in middle and upper income communities and by systems and policies that punish individuals instead of creating systems that support students.
  • Public education is an essential cornerstone of our society, and sufficient funding and other resources will help provide every child with the opportunity to achieve success.


  • PEER works across state lines to expand educational opportunity for marginalized youth.
  • PEER combines the skills and leadership of advocates, lawyers, organizers and community leaders to build a national movement focused on investing in public schools and communities. We convene our partners to share strategies and identify challenges across organizations, regardless of scale or location. 
  • Network members have access to exclusive resources and materials to further their work.


  • PEER provides a space to discuss education policies impacting states, cities, communities and students. We share effective model policies, litigation and legal strategies and organizing tactics and identify the collective resources needed for effective campaigns.
  • We advance equity-based policies and fight against efforts to further dismantle public education.
  • By combining community and grassroots leadership with legal and public policy expertise, PEER strengthens efforts to ensure public schools are fully funded and all students have access to the resources and supports they need to succeed.
  • We maximize impact by working across states to address the disparities in public education funding.


  • We support full funding for public education, funding formulas that provide increased resources for vulnerable students and revenue solutions to address inadequate funding for schools in low-income communities.
  • We support a learning environment that positions students to succeed, including modern facilities, use of technology and up to date learning materials and increased access to support staff, including counselors, social services, mental health and special education staff.
  • We oppose misguided cuts to public schools and the use of public funds to support private education.