The Plot To Undermine Public Education: A Conversation With Investigative Reporter Nick Surgey

A Not-To-Be-Missed Webinar Co-Sponsored by the Network for Public Education and ELC

Network for Public Education (NPE) and Education Law Center hosted investigative reporter Nick Surgey of Documented, the watchdog nonprofit that provided the incendiary material featured in the recent front-page Washington Post story, “The Christian home-schooler who made ‘parental rights’ a GOP rallying cry,” by Emma Brown and Peter Jamison.

The story pulled back the veil on a multi-year attempt to siphon away “billions of tax dollars from public schools,” and illuminated the influential role of one homeschool-championing attorney as well as the wealthy donors courted by the school privatization movement.

Mr. Surgey was joined by NPE President Diane Ravitch and ELC Acting Litigation Director Jessica Levin. The discussion highlighted the “inside the room” conversations Documented obtained regarding efforts to undermine public schools and divert funding to private education. Speakers also provided national context about various attacks on public education that have reached a zenith in recent years.

You can access a recording of the webinar here.

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