ELC and Munger Tolles to Help Advocates Protect Nation’s Public Schools

Education Law Center (ELC) and Munger, Tolles & Olson LLP announce the launch of Voucher Watch, an initiative to inform and assist advocates as they oppose the establishment and expansion of vouchers in their states.

Voucher Watch, located on the ELC website, will track voucher proposals in state legislatures and from the federal government, provide details on existing state voucher programs, and compile research on the impact of vouchers on student outcomes.

“Vouchers divert public funds from already under-resourced public schools,” said David Sciarra, ELC Executive Director. “With Voucher Watch, we’ll be ready to help parents, teachers, advocates and lawmakers oppose vouchers and protect and improve their public schools.”

ELC and Munger Tolles are launching Voucher Watch after their successful collaboration on a legal challenge to Nevada’s unlimited “Education Savings Account” (ESA) voucher program. ELC and Munger Tolles represented public school parents pro bono in Lopez v. Schwartz, which resulted in a Nevada Supreme Court decision finding ESA vouchers unconstitutional because they diverted funding allocated for the public schools to private education expenditures.

“The pro-voucher movement presents a serious challenge for public schools across the nation,” said Tamerlin Godley, the Munger Tolles attorney who argued the Nevada voucher case before the State Supreme Court. “Every effort must be made to ensure that public dollars remain where they are most needed and do the most good – in our public schools.”

ELC, a non-profit organization working to secure the education rights of public school children, opposes using taxpayer dollars to pay for private and religious schooling. Established in 1973, ELC is the nation’s leading advocate for fair public school funding and has assisted advocates and lawyers in advancing school finance reform in almost every state.

Voucher Watch builds on ELC’s national network of advocates, law firms, and civil rights and advocacy organizations working to secure high quality educational opportunities for public school children.

“ELC is pleased to continue our partnership with Munger Tolles through the Voucher Watch initiative,” said Greg Little, ELC Chief Trial Counsel. “Tammy Godley and her team at Munger Tolles did an outstanding job of representing Nevada public school parents in securing a permanent injunction against Nevada’s unlimited ESA vouchers. We look forward to working together to bring much needed help to those fighting vouchers in other states.”

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Please visit the Voucher Watch web pages frequently for up-to-date information.

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