Abbott XXIV, 253 N.J. 591 (May 9, 2023)
Denied motion, without prejudice, following remand to Special Master and issuance of Special Master’s Report describing state funding provided during pendency of action.

Abbott XXIII, 241 N.J. 249 (April 2020)
Denied motion, without prejudice and as premature, on assumption that State would address school construction funding in the context of FY2021 budget.

Abbott XXII, 078257 N.J. (Jan. 31, 2017)
Order denying State’s motion to modify Abbott rulings to give Commissioner of Education authority to over-ride terms of teacher collective bargaining agreements and to freeze state aid

Abbott XXI, 206 N.J. 332 (May 2011)
State ordered to fully fund the School Funding Reform Act of 2008 for the Abbott districts

Abbott XX, 199 N.J. 140 (May 2009)
School Funding Reform Act of 2008 found constitutional

Abbott XIX, 196 N.J. 544 (Nov. 2008)
Adequacy of School Funding Reform Act of 2008 remanded for full trial

Abbott XVIII, 196 N.J. 451 (Feb. 2008)
Denied motion, without prejudice, to direct Legislature to authorize more school construction funding based on representations from the State that funding would be forthcoming

Abbott XVII, 193 N.J. 34 (May 2007)
Denied motion, as premature, to direct Legislature to authorize more school construction funding

Abbott XVI, 2006 WL 1388958 (May 2006)
Clarification of May 9 Order

Abbott XV, 187 N.J. 191 (May 2006)
Freezes State aid to Abbott districts but gives districts right to appeal inadequate funding

Abbott XIV, 185 N.J. 612 (Dec. 2005)
DOE ordered to submit report on estimates of future school construction costs

Abbott XIII, 182 N.J. 153 (Nov. 2004)
Orders mediation but the application was subsequently withdrawn by the DOE

Abbott XII, 180 N.J. 444 (June 2004)
Modification of September 2004 deadline for DOE certification of preschool teachers

Abbott XI, 177 N.J. 596 (July 2003)
DOE allowed to treat 2003-04 fiscal year as maintenance year for calculating supplemental funding

Abbott X, 177 N.J. 578 (June 2003)
Agreement reached by DOE and plaintiffs regarding implementation of WSR and supplemental programs

Abbott IX, 172 N.J. 294 (June 2002)
DOE permitted to limit funding for supplemental programs for one year

Abbott VIII, 170 N.J. 537 (Feb. 2002)
Further clarification of order regarding preschool programs

Abbott VII, 164 N.J. 84 (May 2000)
State ordered to fund all costs of facilities remediation and construction

Abbott VI, 163 N.J. 95 (Mar. 2000)
Details the parameters of the preschool education program

Abbott V, 153 N.J. 480 (May 1998)
Abbott programs and reforms ordered

Abbott IV, 149 N.J. 145 (May 1997)
CEIFA found unconstitutional

Abbott III, 136 N.J. 444 (July 1994)
QEA found unconstitutional

Abbott II, 119 N.J. 287 (June 1990)
Chapter 212 found unconstitutional

Abbott I, 100 N.J. 269 (July 1985)
Plaintiffs’ claims should be considered first by the appropriate administrative agency