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482Forward is a citywide education organizing network in Detroit. We are neighborhood organizations, parents, and youth committed to ensuring that all Detroit children have access to an excellent education, regardless of their race or socioeconomic status. Together, we are building power to make systemic change and win educational justice for our communities.

Brighton Park Neighborhood Council is a community-based organization serving the predominantly Latino and immigrant communities in Southwest Chicago. BPNC works on education equity, violence prevention, healthcare access and equity, economic justice, and immigrant rights. BPNC provides direct services and engages parent and student leaders in city, county, state, and federal policy campaigns.

The Chicago Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights works to secure racial equity and economic opportunity for all. We collaborate with grassroots organizations and other advocacy groups to implement community-based solutions that advance civil rights and we provide legal representation through partnerships with the private bar. Our vision is to root out and dismantle deeply entrenched systems of discrimination, racism, and economic oppression. We believe that access to free, quality education is a civil right and we work to protect and promote access to education by addressing the individual and systemic barriers that disproportionately impact historically disadvantaged communities and communities of color.

Georgia Appleseed is a nonpartisan public interest law center with a mission to increase justice through law and policy reform and community engagement. Its efforts are augmented by hundreds of pro bono hours annually from attorneys, accountants and others, who adhere the vision: a Georgia where the voices of people in poverty, children and other marginalized people are heard, and where injustices that no one should endure are resolved.

The Georgia Budget and Policy Institute works to advance lasting solutions that expand economic opportunity and well-being for all Georgians. GBPI examines the state’s budget, taxes and public policies to provide thoughtful analysis and responsible solutions. GBPI also educates the public about complex issues confronting Georgia. GBPI's aim is to inspire informed debate and decision-making, advancing GBPI's vision of a state in which economic opportunity and well-being are widely shared among all Georgians.

Gwinnett SToPP is a grassroots parent organizing group focused on pushing for and against policies that impact feeders into the School to Prison Pipeline in Gwinnett County Georgia. We accomplish our work parent/community advocacy training and policy-change facilitation.

Legal Aid Justice Center fights injustice in the lives of individual Virginians while rooting out exploitative policies and practices that keep people in poverty. LAJC uses impact litigation, community organizing, and policy advocacy to solve urgent problems in areas such as housing, education, civil rights, immigration, healthcare and consumer finance. LAJC’s primary service areas are Charlottesville, Northern Virginia, Richmond and Petersburg, but the effects of their work are felt statewide.

New Mexico Center on Law & Poverty advances economic and social justice through education, advocacy, and litigation. An effective leader on a broad range of issues impacting children and families, such as healthcare, public benefits, education, and workers’ rights, NMCLP offers representation before governmental agencies, through the legislative process, and in the courts, to protect the rights and improve the living conditions for low-income New Mexicans.

North Carolina Justice Center works to eliminate poverty in North Carolina by ensuring that every household can access the resources, services and treatment necessary for economic security. NCJC has advanced education equity through school funding and desegregation litigation and legislative advocacy. Rick Glazier, executive director, is a former state representative and House Education Committee chair.

Raise Your Hand for Illinois Public Education is a small, grassroots advocacy organization that engages, informs, and empowers parents to protect and strengthen public education for all children in Chicago and Illinois, eliminate inequities in public schools, and work at the grassroots for the public good that is public education. We strive for a Chicago that views parents as change agents, leaders, and experts in the fight for well resourced public education for all families.

Unite Oregon is led by people of color, immigrants and refugees, rural communities, and people experiencing poverty, we work across Oregon to build a unified intercultural movement for justice. Unite Oregon represents over 13,000 supporters and members across Oregon.